SAME Frutetto Classic 80,(80hp) Orchardised. Our most popular model.

Above video of Adrian, Kiwifruit orchardist from Te Puke, with his new orchardised SAME Frutteto Natural 75.

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SAME the company that has helped to modernise agriculture with its tractors and an endless series of technical innovations, gaining the trust of generations of orchardists all over the world.
SAME tractors are modern, efficient, rugged, well-built, safe and reliable.
Capital Tractors, based in the heart of the Bay of Plenty, specialise in tractors for the specific conditions required in both Avocado and Kiwifruit Orchards.
Our SAME Frutteto Classic 80 and our SAME Frutteto Natural 75 are available as standard or ‘orchardised’ to our exacting standards for specialised use in Kiwifruit Orchards.
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natural 75 unorchardised.jpg

SAME Frutteto Natural 75, Unorchardised, and suitable for Avocado orchards.



Now available; SAME Frutteto Classic 80hp and 100hp with new SUPER-LOW seat height! ONLY 750mm!

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